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Margaret and Katherine King Booksigning

posted May 30, 2012, 9:16 AM by Jeremy Burke

Margaret and Katherine King, authors of Y’all Twins? will be signing their newly published book at Bay Books on Saturday June 9th from 5-7PM.

Y’all Twins? is a true, hilarious and endearing tales of sibling camaraderie and rivalry set in 1950s Oxford, Mississippi — “Y’all Twins?”—starring the “King Twins” and their family of seven and is the first book authored by identical twins, Katherine and Margaret King.

In this autobiographical tale, Kat, who emerges as the fearless tomboy, finds it difficult to follow what she considers to be needless rules. She scares away bullies, excels in sports and finds it nearly impossible to deal with the necessary evils of becoming a lady in the ‘50s—rejecting any notion of shaving or wearing nylons, garter belts and high heels. Margaret, the less impulsive but more level-headed of the twins, surfaces as the feminine, studious, voice of reason twin who delights in playing dress up and dolls. Throughout the book, the twins learn to use their distinct personality differences and their identical physical features to their fullest advantage, switching places when necessary to always put the best twin forward in any given situation.

 The book follows the twins’ high jink from age 6-12. From hitching rides on the back of William Faulkner’s horse drawn wagon to poking out the glass eye of an elderly woman’s fox stole in the middle of church service out of pure curiosity.  The twins’ antics will keep readers laughing through the entire book.

For more information or to reserve your copy of Y’all Twins? contact Bay Books at 228.463.2688